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World Dance TV Championships and Shows:

TVDance.Live features the most prestigious dance tv championships across the United States and Europe, showcasing a diverse array of dance genres and events - from ballroom to burlesque - with an archive over a decade long; including live coverage of dance festivals and interviews with the some of the world’s most impressive, award-winning dancers. It’s all available here for viewers who truly love all things dance!

World Dance Competitions Livestream:

When you subscribe, you have total access to our exclusive live coverage of ballroom and dancesport championships.

The Best Dance Competition Coverage:

With decades of production experience, our crew is dedicated to delivering world-class performances, providing all access to exquisite tournaments, putting you in a front row seat to see some of the world’s most impressive professional dancers.

Excellent Video Quality:

Experience ballroom dance streaming like never before. Our archive contains high definition dancesport videos highlighting the precision and skill of every performer. We understand the agility dancers possess; and our trained team of videographers capture every detail.

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Value Subscription:

We offer a flexible subscription for every lover of dance. More than simply watching dance online, your subscription opens the world of ballroom dance festivals and dancesport competitions to you, local to national events, all on our live channel.

Why subscribe to TVDance.Live?


We love the world of dance as much as you do. We work hard to capture every movement, all the emotion, sweat and drama of each performance. Our goal is to present an impeccable collection of beautifully filmed entertainment for the dance community and to achieve professional growth. Since these videos are from notable events and competitions, they’re certain to be inspiring to both professional and aspiring dancers.


TVDance.Live is more than an independent broadcast company. We have partnered with both professional and amateur dancers for over two decades, operating for 20 solid years… making us a premiere service for sharing premium footage of professional dancing.


Our dance competitions and videos are available on many channels so you can watch dance videos and live competitions anywhere you want. Stream TVDance.Live on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and many more.

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TVDance.Live is the world’s only 24/7 dance channel network, producing and showcasing a variety of programs: championships, festivals, exclusive interviews and more, with world champion performers. Operating for over 20 years, with a strong bond to global clients, agencies, and dance organizations, TVDance.Live connects viewers to the world of dance.

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