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TVDANCE.LIVE brings you high-quality world dance competitions and live coverage of a variety of dance events for the vast community of passionate dancers, professional artists, and dance companies.

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Liven your passion for dance with our live coverage of ballroom and dancesport competitions only for our subscribers. We’ve been working hard in collaboration with a variety of clients, agencies and organizations to broadcast dance events live to our subscribers 24/7.

The Best Dance Competition Coverage

We take pride in creating our TV dance show videos. Our team is very dedicated to filming top dance performances of the best professional dancers at world dance events all over the USA.

Excellent Video Quality

Experience ballroom dance streaming like never before. Watch ballroom dance videos in HD. Our library houses quality dancesport videos that show the precision and skill of every performer. We understand the agility dancers possess; that is why we have a trained team of videographers to record every performance even despite their quick and rapid movements.

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We offer a flexible subscription that will give your money its worth. You don’t only get to watch ballroom online. Your subscription will allow you to watch worldwide ballroom dance competitions and dancesport competitions locally and even nationally on our Live channel.

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We don’t just film dance videos. We capture every movement, every emotion of every performance. We aim to present a collection of clear and well-recorded materials for the dancesport community to achieve professional growth. Since these videos are from notable events and competitions, they’re guaranteed to be educational for aspiring and even professional dancers.


TVDANCE.LIVE is not merely an independent broadcast company. We specifically record real dance competitions and events of the best professional dancers in the world. TVDANCE.LIVE has been the partner of both professional and amateur dancers for over two decades. The company has been operating for 20 solid years making it a forerunner of sharing premium footage of professional dancing.


Our dance competitions and videos are available on many channels so you can watch dance videos and live competitions in any convenient site that you want. You can stream TVDANCE.LIVE on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

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TVDANCE.LIVE is an independent broadcasting company that produces a variety of videos, specifically competition and events for the community of professional dancers. The company has been operating for over 20 years and has created a strong bond with global clients, agencies, and dance organizations through fruitful collaborations. TVDANCE.LIVE aims to deliver high-quality footage of events to be used as training and educational materials for the professional growth of aspirants in the dance community.

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