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Next Event: Around November 7th, 2020

This event in London was incredible!

We witnessed a variety of performances and acts over 4 evenings from Thursday the 7th of November until Sunday the 10th of november 2019. Different artists from around the world dazzled us with some bohemian burlesque. The whole event was a competition and I won't ruin it by telling you who won but I definitely recommended watching the whole set. Find out more on their Facebook and enjoy the show!

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At the World Burlesque Games in London, an audience of 150 people a night witnessed a dazzling burlesque competition unfold. The presenter was also a spectacular comedian and we very much enjoyed his cheeky introductions throughout the four evenings. Be sure to also checkout our other Burlesque Show which is free to watch on demand. At , we are really excited about the Burlesque scene and we are looking for new clients in this event sector, so please get in touch if you have any recommendations.

Feel free to also browse our large variety of Video On Demand Libraries here at TVDance.Live. With thousands of hours of dancing videos, there is always something for everybody to watch. Enjoy the show! Wishing you all the best from the team here at TVDance.Live.

About the Burlesque Hall of Fame

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, TVDance.Live definitely recommends swinging by the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum.

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