Andriy Mykhailov and Olga Gandembul get interviewed at the 2019 Kings Ball in New York

Emma interviews Andriy Mykhailov and Olga Gandembul at the 2019 Kings Ball

Emma Ridley Interview Andriy Mykhailov and Olga Gandembul. The 2019 Kings ball is an epic show coming very soon to VOD.

Kings Ball: Emma Ridley Interviews Andriy Mykhailov and Olga Gandembul at the 2019 Kings Ball that just happened at the beginning of this month, December 2019. Having attended the event myself, I must say it was a most fascinating spectacle. The Ballroom world is like entering a different world. Here at we pride ourselves on delivering you exclusive video on demand content for free via our website.

Enjoy watching this interview at the Kings Ball 2019 which took place at the delightful Westchester Hilton hotel in New York. The event went exceptionally well and we really look forward to working with them in their 2020 series. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the interview!

Watch the 2018 footage.

You can also watch the 2018 Kings Ball using our free Video On Demand service here.

The origin of the term "Kings Ball" is quite interesting. On Wikipedia you will find the definition below.

Kings Ball etymology:

"In the old French towns of Upper Louisiana, at the feast of Epiphany, on Twelfth Night a cake was served to the ladies, into which had been kneaded, before the baking, four beans. Each lady whose slice of cake contained a bean became a queen of the revels, and she in turn chose, a gentleman to be her king, signifying her preference by presenting him a bouquet. The four kings thus chosen and duly proclaimed became the patrons of the first of a series of old-time entertainments known as the "kings' balls." At the Twelfth Night festival the time was fixed for the first of these balls, and at the close of this ball the queens selected four more kings, who, in turn, proclaimed four new queens for the next ball. "

Wikipedia continues the explanation:

"The series of festivities thus inaugurated lasted until Shrove Tuesday and the carnival. All who were present at the Twelfth Night festivities were expected to attend the king's balls without further bidding."

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