Tv dance competition shows

If you are looking for high quality TV dance competition shows then you have come to the right place.

About these videos:

Here at TVDance.Live, we take pride in creating and delivering some of the best video on demand streaming services through our website . Since our website relaunch one year ago, we have been fine tuning the deliverability and access to one of the largest databases of streaming dance videos online.

TV dance competition shows

About this website:

On our website, you find dance competition footage tailored to your exact needs. There are different styles of dancing to watch. You can choose between Burlesque, Paso Doble, Salsa or Ballroom dancing.

Video On Demand Dance Streaming

Our Video on demand player is available in high definition for desktop devices and lower-res video for quick load on mobile devices such as iPhone 4 or android. This ensure high quality video streaming wherever you are.

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If you would like to browse through all our competitions and events that are available for viewing online, you may do so in a few clicks using our 24 hour 100% free membership. This will give 100% full access to all our video except the Live stream should one be occuring.

Free shows and events

Otherwise there are also some other shows which are available completely free of charge without signing up such as the Burlesque Hall of fame or the world burlesque games in London. Both of these were filmed in 2019.

Video On Demand library of dance

The rest of our library is comprised of high-level dancing competitions mainly across the USA. Where the best competing dance artists in the world are battling it out for first place at each of these different gatherings across the USA and sometimes other parts of the world like the Czech republic recently.

Best of dancesport competitions

If you are interested in a high level of dancing and dancesport, you may experience the very best and the most recent footage from our events right here on our website at TVDance.Live.

We really hope that you enjoy the show and of course if you have any feedback regarding the footage on our website, please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page.

Over the next few years we really intend on fine-tuning our way of delivering all our videos as efficiently as possible. We are looking to extend our database of clientele and form new partnerships with businesses internationally.

Best of dancesport competitions

We enjoy our work filming dance

Here at TVDance.Live, we take a lot of pride in fine picking the best videographers from across the world and the best digital talent to assist with this collaboration of incredible online dance footage.

Creating Dance on demand isn't easy.

Creating TV dance competition shows is not easy. A lot of investment is required in order to have the best equipment, organising the schedule of the events across the year, cherry picking the best staff members with the best talent and rewarding them accordingly. Then of course, editing takes up a large chunk of our time. There is also the last step of moving the video across onto our online website. This requires further compression, the creation of new pages, images and text areas and links across our website. This is also a time-consuming process but we take pride in making sure that our website results are relevant to you and that you get the most from our database of streaming videos.

So sit back and enjoy what we consider to be some of the best tv dance shows available today!

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