The Chicago Harvest Moon Ball Dancesport Championships 2019 – Full Playlist

The Chicago Harvest Moon Ball Dancesport Championships 2019 - Full Playlist

The Chicago Harvest Moon Ball Dancesport Championships 2019 show is available now on VOD. You can watch the full playlist here.

About this dance event in Chicago

The Chicago harvest moon dance competition is an event that takes place every year in Chicago Illinois around October. You will find a variety of the worlds best dancers from Ukraine, from Russia, and from the United States. They come here to take home the prized trophy of the best dancer in all categories. The list of amazing competitors goes on and on. You can tune in now completely free to these videos on our playlist of interviews and dance moves from the worlds best dance competitors. Enjoy this amazing video thanks to our online streaming services here at

Like family

In fact, Michael Carter from TV is a close friend of the organiser of this incredible competition. They have been close friends for a number of years and therefore mikes TV crew will be filming this awesome event every single year for the near future.

What to expect

You will also see a variety of dance interviews across all of the different segments. We have recordings of some of the best dance interviews that you will find online. The dance circuits we follow cover all areas across the world therefore we have incredible access to the best dance event competitors for decent chats!


The event itself takes place at the Marriott in Oakbrook, Chicago. You will find the famous team from dancing with the stars and the team from world champions dance.

Featuring the presenters

Also featuring Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko. The two amazing organisers who put together this incredible show every year. Don’t forget also that you can purchase tickets on the website to the Saturday night show that includes a themed dinner gala.

More information

A kind reminder that the heat list is available now on their website for this event. They have all added new proficiency categories to their next events.

The Chicago harvest moon ball also is part of the dance vision circuit.

If you miss the action don’t forget that you can catch up on all the different parts of this incredible show on our website now. Check their website also.

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