is the next evolution of ballroom dancing. Born from Paradigm Digital, a premiere event videography and promotional media company, aims to connect new audiences to ballroom dance events and exhibitions from around the world. will serve as a 24 hour internet streaming channel, bringing viewers live streaming national and international dance competitions, burlesque shows, performances from Hollywood and more.



Michael Carter


Michael Carter is an entrepreneur, video producer and founder of Paradigm Digital. With over 25 years of video production experience, Michael was the first to bring livestream technology to the ballroom world. Michael's professional background includes producing 1000s of hours of music, industrial and dance instructional videos. He also has worked on producing live performances in film, rock, jazz and burlesque.


Emma Ridley


Emma Ridley is a Royal Ballet Classically trained ballerina, actress, model and entrepreneur. Emma's passion lies in professional dance. Emma began acting when she was four years old and has starred in films including Walt Disney's Return to Oz as the roll of Ozma and and has guest stared in TV shows such as the Millionaire Match Maker. Emma is also a professional burlesque music performer, even launching her own pole dancing studio, 'Goddess Fitness Dance.'