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Dance interviews: 100+ | 01/04/2020


All Our Dance Interviews on Video:

TVDANCE.LIVE has dance interviews from professional dancers and competition champions in different ballroom competitions around the US and the world.

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You don’t only get to see them dance on our channel but you will also hear the secrets to their success in our exclusive dance interviews with professionals and champion dancers. TVDANCE.LIVE has the privilege of attending the best ballroom dance interviews in every dance event and competition we cover across the USA and the rest of the world. Our interviews consist of celebrity dancers from events and also competition champions.

dance interviews

Some notable names are Andriy Mykhailov and Olga Gandembul, the King and Queen of the Open Professional ballroom dance competition at the Kings Ball. Other champions and celebrated names in the dancing community are Robbie and Ruth, winners of Rising Star Professional Ballroom at the International Grand Ball Dance in San Francisco. And of course, the latest stars at the Czech Dance Championships 2019 held in Prague, Austin and Nino.

There are more dance competition interviews that date back years that asre already on this website or coming very soon. Recent addition include the 2016 Chicago Harvest Moon Ball and the 2017 Emerald Ball. All these interviews feature the dance styles of each celebrity and champion, their routine, and how they prepare for every competition and performance.

Dance Champions Interviews

Chicago Harvest Moon Ball Dancesport

TVDANCE.LIVE got the chance to interview winners like Arthur and Chang from Illinois, who won the Gold Open. The winning dance couple did the foxtrot, quickstep, waltz, and Venice waltz. Arthur started dancing young, at 7 years old, while Chang began at 20. The couple has been dancing for quite a while. “We’ve been dancing for like… 5… 7… 10 years?” Arthur said. This ballroom dance couple has built a strong connection and chemistry in dance.

The Kings Ball

dance interviews

Emma Ridley, our star interviewer for TVDANCE.LIVE, got an exclusive talk with the presenters of the Kings Ball: Rita Algara. Algara expressed her excitement and gratefulness for the presenters of every ballroom dance genre and the hype of the people who were present. The Kings Ball was one of the competitions that Algara entered. Now, she is one of the people who proudly presents the event to dance enthusiasts from across the world but mainly Russia and the United States.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame

dance interviews

The daring and exquisite dance event, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, was joined by many talented performers. TVDANCE.LIVE interviewed one of the performers and the first runner-ups of the competition in 2008 Lux Lacroix. She performed as Prince for the evening. She is also a choreographer based in New York but her love for performance arts urged her to present her dance at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Her secret? Coffee.

dance interviews

The International Grand Ball

This competition was held in San Francisco, where Emma Ridley interviewed Jessica and Slava, one of the performers. They have been partners for over 9 years, no wonder they’re great dancers showing their level of expertise. Emma asked the duo the golden question, the secret to their winning. Guess what it is. Well, they just simply enjoy dancing together.

Austin Joson and Nino Dzneladze: The Ballroom Power Duo

The technique, connection, and chemistry are the ingredients of ideal ballroom dance partners. And these are what Austin Joson and Nino Dzneladze have. TVDANCE.LIVE had the chance to film their performance at an exclusive dance interview at the Hilton in Prague. The duo is undoubtedly on fire. Their winning streak started in 2014, where they won the Dutch Open and the Open World Championship in Paris. Who would believe their partnership was only a few months old then.

Since their partnership, the couple harvested award after award. From the U.S. National Amateur DanceSport Championship to the Blackpool Dance Festival in England, and now the Czech Dance Championships in Prague, they literally danced their way to success.

How did this fantastic Latin dance couple become this superb? It has everything to do with their development years.

At the early age of 4, the young Nino began studying Latin Dance. Her confidence and skill were harnessed by competing at 6. The powerful and charming Austin, born and raised in New Jersey, also trained and competed at a young age. Austin competed when he was 9 and that honed his skill in dance. The two first met as competitors with Nino, together with her partner, beating Austin on their first encounter on stage. Austin admired Nino’s skill and passion, and the other held mutual thoughts. The quest for a partnership was hard to achieve at first with their geographic divide. However, the love for dance and the pull to partnership made everything happen.

Now, Nino and Austin are taking over the ballroom stage with their unbreakable connection and chemistry bound by their mutual passion for dance.

Emma Ridley: The Queen of TVDANCE.LIVE

Who could better host interviews but an expert and excellent performer herself? TVDANCE.LIVE dance competition interviews are carried out by none other than Emma Ridley.

Emma Ridley is an over-all performance artist. She has a history of music, dance, film, television, burlesque, and other performance arts. Emma is loved by the cameras even at the tender age of merely 8-months-old advertising as the Gerber baby. Later, when she was an adorable 6-year-old, she starred as Princess Ozma in the classic film Return to Oz. She never left the industry and starred on a couple of roles and even ventured to writing and producing music. Until she decided to settle down.

But a passionate heart cannot be tamed. She returned to the spotlight as an entrepreneur and founder of “Goddess Fitness Dance.” The fitness gym and dance studio offer unique self-expressed ballet, yoga, and pole dancing approaches to fitness. It is basically a place of mental peace, love for dance as well as fitness.

Emma’s love for dance did not stop at her fitness gym. This passionate woman also ventured into production. As of that moment, she was the CEO of her own TV Company. Together with his business partner and life partner Micheal Carter from Paradigm Digital, they created TVDANCE.LIVE. Emma Ridley does most of the interviews for TVDANCE.LIVE, asking competitors and dancers about themselves, their dance styles, where they’re from, and what inspires them.

TVDANCE.LIVE Presents the Finest Dance Interviews Online

As much as we are dedicated to bringing high-quality dance videos to our subscribers, we also want them to know these dancers we feature. And they can get to know these champions and professional dancers through their exclusive dance interviews. Below are the different interviews that we have conducted across the USA and the rest of the world.

All Videos from the Dance Interviews.

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