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TVDANCE.LIVE has dance interviews from professional dancers and competition champions in different ballroom competitions around the US and the world.

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For every exciting dance competition, we bring you the latest dance news articles that you can freely access within our website. Each piece details the highlights and happenings during the steamy dance events.

Why do you need dance news?

Articles are written and shared so that the community of professional and amateur dancers can keep up to date on the news in dance and competitions. This ballroom dance news does not only feature and deliver the highlights of the events but shows a journalistic perception of performances.

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TVDANCE.LIVE offers live video coverage of dances. However, there’ll some who do not have the time and who has a packed schedule to be able to watch the live coverage. So, we bring about the dance news articles that they can read. They will then read a detailed summary of the highlights and happenings of the event. Then they can watch short dance videos and interviews to supplement what they’ve read.

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There isn’t much dance news you can find online. The only way to know about upcoming dance competitions, championships, and events is to search them individually. That is too much of a burden. What about new and emerging dance organizations and activities? How would you know about them?

TVDANCE.LIVE dance news is the answer. There would not a need for you to search for these events and competition websites yourself. You can simply visit our news page and learn about upcoming events. There won’t be a need for you to endlessly search the internet or make dozens of calls for dance news. Instead of spending your time finding news on dance events, you can use that to practice more on dancing.

You don’t need to worry about being up-to-date with dance news, just visit TVDANCE.LIVE website and you can find all the dance news you need.

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We can assure you to give the latest news on dance, such as upcoming dance events. Our company has been up and running for more than two decades. We’ve built strong partnerships through collaboration with most of the prestigious dance organizations and organizers in the dance industry. We are trusted by famous people that are pillars in the ballroom dance community; that is why we confidently say that we can deliver the freshest, hottest, straight-from-the-oven news within the dance community.

Our promise

TVDANCE.LIVE is very dedicated to bringing non-stop educational materials for dancers in the community. We’ve conducted interviews, live coverage, high-quality video dance recordings. And now, we are giving you updated dance news. You can never find any other dance broadcasting company like TVDANCE.LIVE.


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