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Have you been searching for real TV dance shows, but couldn’t find quality online? You have come to the right place. We showcase the best dancers in the world...

Our dance shows are the best on this website because we are in the business of filming the world's best professional dancers at events across the USA and the rest of the globe. We are very passionate about video and we strive to bring high quality videos of dancing to all our viewers. If you want to see what real dance looks like, you have come to the right place. Below our all our events available now to watch. Some are free, some are premium. Below you will find videos from all our partners, including the Kings Ball and The Burlesque Hall of Fame.

The Best Dance Competitions Coverage

Now, you don’t have to worry because you came to the right place. Not only can you watch dance competition footage but watch them in high-quality coverage. TVDANCE.LIVE brings you quality broadcast of dance competitions featuring the best dancers in the world.

Excellent Video Quality

We are the real deal! We have been specializing in filming dance competitions, ready to be seen by our viewers.

The REAL DEAL Battle of the Best

You might have seen dance competition TV Shows on YouTube, Facebook, or other online streaming sites, but are you sure that they have been filmed to the highest possible standard?

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The entertainment industry is taking advantage of people’s interest in dance. Those dance videos you are watching may be for show, for the drama, but they do not feature real-life dance events, competitions or interviews. For the past years, there has been a lack of actual live broadcasting of dance competitions featuring professional dancers battling it out to be declared the best dancer of the world.

The internet and television are swarmed with programs that mask as TV dance shows, but they are all merely to feed the viewer’s need for entertainment. They do not reflect the raw quality and realness of dance heats and competitions. Where did all the epic dance video go?

They are all here at TVDANCE.LIVE! When we say real dance competition live stream, we totally mean raw, unfiltered dancers battling to win and be champions. Our library is full of valuable videos from local, national, and international ballroom competitions and dance events.

Watch and Learn

Are you an aspiring dancer? Or even a professional dancer aiming to advance your skills? No matter what dance level you are currently in, these videos are educational material that can guide you to enhancing your technique and precision.

An efficient dancer never settles for a mediocre performance. They always aim to reach a high level of expertise. That is why we created a collection of dance footage to cater to the need of reference material of the dance community for the dance comunity.

By watching ballroom dance competitions and tournaments of other dance genres from different parts of the country and abroad, you will observe and recognize incredible movements and modern dancing styles. It is through these videos that you can see the evolution of dance and use them to improve your technique. Applying observations you’ve learned can enhance your dance significantly. You are not just entertained by watching these videos, but you are also developing your dance.

Learn from the best

For 20 solid years, TVDANCE.LIVE has been delivering videos from national and international dance competitions and live events. We are the first independent broadcast company that is focused on dance, and we don’t intend to stop any time soon.

tv dance shows

From the inception of the business up to its current stature, we have gained trusted partners and collaborations with professional dancers and notable people in the dance community. Since we are the longest company in this industry, we have witnessed lots of competitions, and we recognize the best dancers among them all.

We are passionate about videography as well as dance. Since we aim to provide educational dance materials for our viewers, we make sure that we film the world’s best professional dancers in renowned dance events all over the US. With the help of our trusted partners in the dance community, we cover the most recent prestigious dance competitions that all performers would want to be part of. It is through this that we give our viewers, especially our subscribers, the best quality videos and valuable content.

Professional Dance Competitions and TV Dance Shows

There’s no need for you to dig up the internet for footage of recent professional ballroom dance competitions or TV dance shows. TVDANCE.LIVE is the place with the most recent coverage of dance competitions that the community is intensely wanting to watch.

TV Dance Live features the best and renowned dancers who show great skill and precision in dancing. Our team also boasts some of the best videographers who capture the movement of each dancer almost effortlessly. To better observe the dances, we carefully and skillfully film the performances showing their body movements, facial expressions, and technique.

These will all surely be excellent study materials for every dancer.

FREE and Premium Videos

Our videos are categorized from free access videos to monthly premium footage. You can browse our videos below to find dance events and dance competitions of your choosing.

Browsing below, you will notice that some videos are labeled. As the label implies, you can freely watch them anytime. Most of our free videos are of dance events aiming to entertain the crowd. The premium videos feature ballroom dance competitions and other dance competitions all over the country.

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Subscribe to TVDANCE.LIVE and get all the access to our premium dance videos on our website and other streaming channels. All these premium videos are only available in TVDANCE.LIVE, you won’t find this high-quality coverage of dance competitions in any streaming site. All you need to do is to sign up with the 24-hour membership and you can stream all dance competitions that you want.

Not only that! You can also stream upcoming dance competitions on our live page. So, you don’t need to fly all the way to see famous dance competitions. You can stream live dance events on our page wherever you want to. There’s not much you need to do. Just subscribe to our monthly or annual membership and you can watch live dance competitions with just a click of your finger.

You don’t need to stress over browsing dance competition videos. TVDANCE.LIVE can give you all the dance materials you need. Just sign up for our monthly and annual subscription and you are good to go.

See some of our videos below. The Burlesque Event is totally free for you to view. The event took place in the Leytonstone ballroom in North East London. Immerse yourself into the world of dance. So if you want more, just click the signup button above and subscribe!

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